Securing Information Wherever It Goes A New Approach to Addressing Your Security, Privacy & Compliance Requirements

To effectively function in the business world today, organizations need to share files beyond their perimeter. Currently, the majority of that information is traversing departments and enterprise boundaries without effective controls. Whether it is sharing information with third party partners and outsourcing vendors, utilizing Cloud services such as Dropbox to share files, or downloading files onto laptops and other mobile devices, organizations are losing control over sensitive information.

Easily Define, Enforce, and Remotely Control Granular Usage Polices

  • Who can open and use the file (people, groups)
  • What action they can perform on the file (view, print, edit, copy, forward, download)
  • When they can access the file (pre-set expirations or remotely revoked)
  • Where files can be accessed (by private and public IP addresses)


Securing Information Wherever It Goes

  • When the file is created based on user defined prompts
  • When the file is attached to an email
  • When a file is uploaded or downloaded from a document management system
  • When a file is placed in specially configured “hot folder”
  • When discovered by a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) system


Extend the Security of ECM, DLP, ERP, CRM, Mail and Messaging Solutions

Pre-built connectors that are available for FileSecure include:
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems – IBM FileNet, SharePoint, OmniDocs, EMC Documentum
  • Data-Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems – Symantec, McAfee, Websense, GTB, MyDLP
  • Email – Outlook, OpenOffice, LotusNotes
  • ERP and Business Intelligence Offerings – SAP, Oracle, IBM, PeopleSoft
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions - SaleForce and NetSuite

Simplify Audit and Compliance Reporting

FileSecure features automatic tracking and monitoring of files access and usage wherever they travel or reside.

Increase Business Agility without Sacrificing Security

The ability to automatically control the usage of sensitive files that move beyond the perimeter of the enterprise will enable organizations to confidently utilize mobile devices, leverage the savings of the Cloud, and embrace external collaboration without sacrificing the security of highly sensitive information.