• Application Based Routing Solution
  • Anti-DDoS Solution
  • Application Delivery Solution
  • Web Application Protection Solution
  • High-performance NAT Solution
  • L2-7 Network Virtualization Solution
  • DNS Attacks Protection Solution

Application Security

  • DP Tech deliver network security devices based on deep inspection and prevention system
  • Close the Security Gap with in-line, automated security policy enforcement
  • Eliminate downtime due to exploits being blocked
  • Eliminate time to investigate alerts and remediate infected systems
  • Control IT costs – schedule downtime for patches vs. “hair-on-fire” emergencies
  • Reclaim bandwidth and speed up the network for legitimate traffic


  • Manage even the heaviest traffic loads at both layer 4 and layer 7
  • Provides the flexibility to make in-depth application decisions without introducing bottlenecks by merging high performance switching fabric, specialized hard ware an advanced software
  • Application Delivery based on Deep Classification and Acceleration
  • Self-owned high-performance chipset of content recognition and acceleration
  • Enterprise and Service Providers can deploy multiple application delivery services and efficiently scale on single and unified platform

Unified Management Center

  • Device Supported : All series products of DPtech

Security Management

  • Support the statistic and analysis of network flow, attack event, virus worm, DDoS attack.
  • Support the unified security policy configuration and management.

Network Control

  • VLAN management, Configuration management, ACL management, QoS management, MPLS management, Virtualization management, PoE management and VoIP management.
  • User IP, user identification, instant messaging account, Email account, BBS account, game account.

Deploy Mode

  • Centralized/ Distributed/ Classified

Log Management

  • Built-in database/ external server

Warning Mode

  • E-mail, short message, alarm warning mode

Device Management

  • Security device management and status monitoring
  • Security device signature database update management