LogDrill is log analysis software that applies unique database methodology to handle large ma-chine-generated datasets. LogDrill processes data coming from IT systems, production lines and sensors to detect operational anomalies and incidents with the help of reports & alerts.

LogDrill software is an advanced and easy-to-use Big Data analysis tool for the effective and efficient handling of the large amounts of machine generated data, also called logs, produced by information systems of any size.
LogDrill helps data analysis experts in their everyday assignments with extremely fast data processing and visualizations, intuitive workflows, and versatile usage options, all this coming at an affordable price.

One of the most difficult challenges of machine generated data analysis is the effective handling of data with increasing volume, variety, and velocity. Servers, terminals, sensors and intelligent devices produce large quantities of raw data about their operation in the form of logs. With the techniques implemented in other log analysis products, this results in long waits for the completion of simple data analysis operations, making the detection of anomalies in the original data impossible to be managed in due time.

LogDrill is an Operational Intelligence tool, which provides query results under 1 second, and one click data drilldown to original logs. LogDrill is useful to find operational anomalies or to optimize processes, because it supports any kind of semi structured data as input - from network and application logs to Industrial Control Systems’ data.
LogDrill is an essential tool for fast forensic analysis, and finding security or operation maintenance related problems quickly. This tool can connect data flowing in from various information systems, giving comprehensive picture about the events, and supporting root cause analysis for operational intelligence.

Feature Description
No volume limit Analyzing unlimited amount of data with LogDrill during a certain period (a day, a month, a year)
Data Normalization Transforming unstructured or semi structured data to structured format that facilitates analyses.
Ad-hoc Search and analysis Running occasional queries on a collected dataset.
Scheduled queries Setting the frequency of automatic queries, reports.
Reporting Creating and editing a visual and textual report.
Support of special activities: Compliance Scheduled reports about the matching of legal and managerial require-ments with the implemented permissions, accesses, and security levels.
Dashboards Collecting important visualized results on one page.
Alerting Constant and automatic monitoring of the IT system, alerting the expert when extreme values appear.
One click data drilldown The ability to reach the original log lines whit a click from every table and visualization.
Real time monitoring Streaming the latest generated data into the analysis. Results will show real-time state of the IT system.
Exporting results Saving the analysis results in a Html, Excel, Word, Pdf file or as a picture.
Enterprise Support Consulting with LogDrill's expert group via phone, skype or e-mail.