All-in-One Solution

Miradore provides a broad set of features for managing a multitude of device platforms including POS devices, smartphones, servers, desktops, and network devices within a single solution, thus being an all-in-one solution of IT and mobile systems management.

Consolidated Infrastructure

Miradore’s 3rd party connectors for Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft WSUS, many antivirus products, and data erasure solutions ensure maximum asset integrity by cross-referencing all your enterprise’s information sources.

Easy to Implement Without Large Upfront Investments

Miradore doesn’t require large upfront investments and it can be implemented very fast, even in 1-2 working days. Additionally, with Miradore’s multi-tenant capabilities MSP’s can install multiple customer instances on a single hardware platform reducing equipment and power costs significantly. Miradore can automatically detect all the customers’ devices to populate a complete asset and configuration database automatically and therefore eliminate the need for manual data entry. IT technicians can remotely deploy the Miradore client to all identified devices and start the required remote operations. With the help of Miradore’s revolutionary architecture, IT service providers can utilize current software packages, hardware drivers, and current Miradore server hardware across their entire customer fleet, minimizing implementation time and increasing cost efficiency and quality.

Reduced Onsite Support

With Miradore’s initial installation tool, the installation of Windows and Linux operating systems, drivers, and software applications can be automated and managed from a remote location. The automation of technical routines allows the IT staff to better focus on the users’ needs. Miradore remote control enables the secure provisioning of attended and unattended remote support services. This means that the IT end-users can invite the supporter to view their screen(s) and share the control over keyboard and mouse, or on the other hand, the IT staff can remotely administrate unattended remote computers, like servers. This way IT support can reach the managed computers quickly and remotely without the need for onsite technicians.

Risk-free Pay-as-you-go Licensing Model

Miradore’s licensing model is based on a per-device monthly fee, which includes future software versions and service packs. This means that even as your customer numbers fluctuate, your costs always adjust accordingly.


Brochure: Miradore All-in-One Solution ( Eng | PT-BR )