Vivanco Gruppe AG grows to a 300 million Euro listed company through a Merger & Acquisition exercise on 29 March 2011 with Ningbo Ship Investment Group, Ltd and Zhejiang Ship Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

Vivanco Gruppe AG established in 1920, a listed company headquartered in Ahrensburg, Germany is a Multi-specialist Manufacturer in Consumer Electronics and Connectivity solutions space. Through a M&A in 2011 with Ningbo Ship Investment Group, Ltd; a 300 million Euro annual turnover and over 5,000 professionals with expertise in R&D, Sales & Marketing, Product Development, QC, Administration and manufacturing enters Asia and Americas after being Top 3 in Europe for more than 7 decades.

Ship Group operates among other manufacturing plants in China for electronic accessories and communications products, with an annual turnover of more than 200 m Euro, one of the largest market participants in this industry. Ship Group has for many years been a major supplier for Vivanco Gruppe AG in many products prior to the M&A.

The new combination with Ship Group offers Vivanco excellent strategic opportunities in the supply markets in China. The economic advantages for Vivanco are especially in a close cooperation with Ship Group in its purchasing activities in China, which will have a positive impact on the supply chain processes, the cooperation with all its suppliers, and access to innovation. For Ship Group, Vivanco offers access to the European market with wide range coverage and proprietary sales, service function, very good client relationships to all relevant channels, and an excellent marketing platform. In this way, manufacturing and marketing of electronic accessories will be closely linked in the future.


Vivanco group offers end-to-end integrated solution in Building Intelligence Cabling Industry from server
room to Desk outlet or campus wide with its complete range of :

  • Copper Cabling Solution
  • Fiber Cabling Solution
  • Intelligent Cabling Solution
  • Data Center Solution
  • FTTH Solution

Backed by dedicated and experienced technical and marketing professionals with average team
experience of no less than 10 years Vivanco offers comprehensive warranty and product application
training to its customers worldwide through its various programs.


1. Up to 5 YEARS when bought from Authorized Resellers.

  • 100% Testing and report is required – no onsite audit required.

2. One to One exchange for products due to manufacturing defects.


1. Up to 20 YEARS when offered by Authorized Installers.
2. 25 YEARS when offered by PREMIUM INSTALLERS.
  • 100% Testing and report is required – no onsite audit required.
3. Meets VIVANCO installation requirements